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Save 10% this plastic-free July

Welcome to #plasticfreejuly. To celebrate, we wanted to offer a discount of 10% on a range that we cannot get enough of! UpCircle skincare and beauty offer vegan products for men and women who champion sustainability. They make products out of ingredients that would usually be wasted because they're still really good, such as used coffee grounds, fruit stones, and chai spices!

Packaging: The products come in cardboard packaging. The glass bottles can go into your normal recycling, just give them rinse. Other products come in aluminium tubes with aluminium lids to be recycled. If you have purchased scrubs with a plastic lid, you can request ones without caps and we'll order them for you.

Even their marketing materials are made from recycled coffee cups!

We have tried every UpCircle product that we sell and we love them. The benefits are real, and most items target particular skin-types.

Oily and acne-prone skin:

  • Face mask

  • Herbal blend coffee face scrub

  • Cleansing face balm

  • Fennel and cardamom soap bar

Dry and sensitive skin:

  • Cleansing face balm

  • Face serum (also reduces redness)

  • Floral blend coffee face scrub

  • Cinnamon and ginger soap bar

  • Hand wash

  • Face moisturiser

Dull skin

  • Face serum

  • Body scrub (also a good exfoliator prior to shaving)

To find out more information about UpCircle, pop over to their website, or pop in store where you can get 10% off for the month of July.

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