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Is your period sustainable?

Single-use period products have always seemed like the most convenient, sanitary way to cope with your periods.

Growing up, there seemed little alternative to the pricey plastic pads or tampons. The pads were tacky and stuck to places you didn't wish things would be stuck to. Tampons scared me silly with the talk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

And if you've got a heavy flow, you dread changing these, not to mention how much money you're binning everyday!

Did you know that typical single-use pads are made up of 90% plastic?

Their disposal aren't quick either. They sit and leak microplastics into the environment, into animals and food, then back into us.

You standard tampons contains dioxin, which is harmful to our bodies.

If this worries you, or you've thought about more cost-effective, or eco-friendly period products, take a look at our 2 Minute Tuesday video.

We offer two types of sustainable period products at Uncle Sid's Zero Waste Store.

Menstrual Cup (size A and B) - There are different folds, and are fairly easy to use.

Reusable Sanitary Towels - Use just like single-use pads, but wash them afterwards!

The world now offers a wider option of product alternatives, so if you're interested, make sure to do some research about it and find what works for you!

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